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General Inquiries

Please contact us if you have any general questions about We try our best reply to every single message, however technical support emails are top priority.

Tech Support

We normally reply to technical problems within 1 hour, however please allow 24 hours for us to respond to your email. Don’t forget to visit the FAQ pages, you might find your answer there.

Billing Support

If you made your purchase through payment gateway please contact directly. Any billing inquires is handled immediately. CCBILL offers E-mail and Phone support, 27/7, 365 days per year!

FAQ Pages

Yes!!! ALL of our videos are downloadable. It is very easy to download videos, and there is no bandwidth limits! You can download as many videos as you like. To download the videos, Click on the download button in the video members area, and save to your computer. If you are downloading from a mobile or tablet devise you may need to install 3rd party software, such as the DropBox app to store the video.

Make sure you are on a computer. If you are trying to download the videos on a tablet or mobile device you may need you install a third party application to download and save to your device. We recommend Dropbox or WinZIP. These two seem to work the best for our members.

If you are having difficulties downloading videos / photos to your computer, please contact our technical support.

We use MP4 video format. This seems to be everyone’s preferred video format. You can download our videos on any computer. Video Lan Player (VLC) plays almost any video. It is a great video player.

High Definition is the way to go! 100% of our videos and photos are High Definition. (majority of our videos are 1080p, 1920×1080 HD) In 2019 we have started to record videos in 4K!

If you have cancelled your membership, it might have expired. Check your email confirmation you received with CCBILL to see when the dates your membership is set to expire… If you have not cancelled your membership, and you cannot login to your account, contact us immediately to resolve this issue.

If you have cancelled your membership, and now you get an error message that says: “Inactive Membership” Don’t panic! You will still get what you paid for!

We do not use CCBILL’s outdated user management software like other websites do. We have our own membership database… If you have cancelled your membership with there can be a delay for there server to notify our members database.

This normally resolves itself in a few hours when CCBILL’s webhooks are sent to our database… However you can contact us at: and we will manually re-activate your membership.

We will honor any time that you have lost on your membership. If it takes us more than 24 hours to re-activate your membership, we will add on a few more days at the end. You have paid for 30 days membership, and we will honor that.

For future reference to avoide this headache, please cancel your membership through us directly. We have our own cancellation form you can fill out.

We do accept manual PayPal payments. However, if you pay through PayPal, it will take us up to 24 hours to create your membership. We will need to manually activate your membership if you pay through PayPal.

If you would prefer instant access to the members area, you will need to use CCBILL payment gateway for your payment.

We strongly recommend contacting us to cancel your membership. This will guarantee that your account will be cancelled within 48 hours, and that your membership will expire after the 30 days that you paid for.

If you have paid using payment gateway, you can cancel directly through However if you cancel through your membership will become inactive. Only cancel through directly if your recurring payment is due in the next couple of days.

If you would like access to the full 30 days that you paid for on your membership, then you will need to cancel contact us to cancel your membership.

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